I have facets!

So, this is an OT post and will be tagged accordingly, but I wanted to talk a little bit about running. I have, at various times in the last 10 years, flirted with the idea of becoming a runner. I have done a few Parkruns. I have entered a few middle distance road races. I even ran some of them (entering a race is much easier than actually training for it). I was briefly a member of a running club, and I ran around the streets with other crazy, dayglo people. I bought decent shoes. I tried out various headphones, playlists, routes, tracking software, watches. I did long runs, fartlek (yes, I know it is a funny word), interval training, cross training. I had physio for sore knees. I have my gait scrutinised by tooth sucking coaches. I got a little better at it, then, inevitably, I gave up.

And this is the unpleasant truth about me. I am, at heart, a dabbler. I try things on for size. I get really excited about them, I bore my friends and family with them, I read blogs and watch instructional videos, I engage. Then, at some unspecified point, I am distracted. My head is turned. And I move on.

I was thinking about this recently. I was in a church in Cracow, listening to a classical concert performed by a 5 piece ensemble. The lead violinist was superb, actually flawless. The last piece they played was ‘Winter’, by Vivaldi. The fancy name is Concerto No.4 in F-Minor RV 297. There is a really tricky bit towards the end of the third movement which is so fast, almost helter-skelter. And she nailed it! Every single note! It could not have been more precise!  And I thought about all the practice and dedication and sacrifice that she must have offered up to that moment. And I felt ashamed that I had no equal of it in my life.

I am not going to start learning the violin. I know that is beyond me. It’s not about that. I just want to nurture some sort of disciple in my life. Start something that runs to completion. Stick at something. The way I see it, my natural inclinations point me towards two things – writing code and running. Well, I write code every day at work, and I have an ongoing project in that area which helps me move forward. So, I think I should launch a running project that helps me in the same way. I came up with an idea for this on the way home from Poland. It is a very simple running game called ‘don’t look back!‘. More details to follow.  By the way, I ran 2 KM today, and it felt like progress.