Succint description of the game

I am trying to write a pithy description of the game for the player’s guide. This is what I have so far:

  1. Rogue Code is a programming game in which you script the behaviour of an adventurer who is raiding a dungeon.
  2. The dungeon has many rooms. These rooms contain treasure, traps and guards. The adventurer wants to steal the treasure while avoiding the guards and traps.
  3. Your adventurer progresses through the dungeon one room at a time. Each time the adventurer beats a room, the next room is unlocked.
  4. A room always has the same contents (e.g. one guard, one trap, one treasure chest) but the location of those contents changes each time the room is created.
  5. You prepare a rogue for a dungeon raid by writing code. Starting with a basic template, you will customise various aspects of the adventurer’s behaviour.
  6. Once your rogue is complete, you can release him into the first room. Thereafter, the action is turn based. In his turn, the adventurer moves, fights and steals, according to the instructions in your programming. Then the environment reacts (e.g. a trap detonates, a guard moves to attack etc.)
  7. Turn based action continues until the rogue has stolen the treasure and exited the room (thereby beating it) or he is dead.
  8. If the rogue beats the room, he is automatically released into the next room.
  9. Step 8 repeats until the rogue dies.
  10. The source code for the rogue cannot be changed after the first room (i.e. no room specific ‘tuning’).
  11. The final score for a rogue is the number of rooms he can beat before he is killed.
  12. The rogue must raid the dungeon multiple times. This mitigates the potential unfairness that randomising room contents could introduce (e.g. you might start your raid right next to an angry guard!).