The best part of a project

The best part of a project is always the beginning. The first few days or weeks of a new undertaking are full of possibility. Of course, it tends to bog down after that,  but right now I am happy, because I have an idea. This is not a commercial idea. I am not trying to make money. It is not an original idea. I am sure that someone, somewhere has already done it. But it is a fun idea, or at least, it seems like fun to me.

What I want to do is take all the programming goodness you can find in Robocode, and throw it at the noble art of subterranean adventuring / tomb raiding. Think about it! You program the adventurer, then drop them into a procedurally generated, semi-random dungeon. You study the results. You improve the code. You change your strategies. Your adventurer evolves. Fun!

Anyway, it is all going to be very simple to begin with. In my mind I am seeing a small grid of tiles that represent a dungeon. Then we insert a sprite representing the rogue, a treasure chest, a few enemies and an exit. Add some very simple rules for turn based action and you are ready to go! It’s easier to explain this stuff using images, so my first research task involves finding a good map/dungeon editor. I have found a few links to something called Tiled, so that is where I am going to start.